With 45 years of experience, our Learning Center began with the vision of providing a loving,  Christian environment to the children of working parents. To this day, we hold true to those same values.

The Learning Center works to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere where children are encouraged to explore and innovate. With a very active school year, children can expect numerous activities such as egg hunts, parades, class parties, excursions, and presentations. Through this stimulating environment, students are able to freely express themselves through art projects, creativity, imaginative play and physical exercise while developing vital problem solving and pre-literacy skills.

Students are divided up according to age; even their playgrounds are separated in order to provide safe play. With a very high retention rate, teachers show how much they love and support these children. Many of the teachers at the Learning Center have looked on as children that were in their classes as infants and toddlers walked across the stage as high school graduates, one of whom recently returned as the new CELC Director.

Lesson plans are developed to be both fun and engaging. As children grow, the goal of our curriculum is to prepare these students adequately for the Lower School at Calvary Day School, which boasts statistics placing it in the top 15% of the nation based on Stanford 10 testing. When our students graduate from our 3-year-old program, they are more than ready for the next level, the world of Pre-K.