Ms. Mary Beth

Mary Beth has worked at Calvary Early Learning Center since 1975. She started at Calvary after babysitting for a neighbor who worked for Mrs. Thacker and hearing so many positive things about her and Calvary. She has been here ever since. She believes that Calvary is the best in town and that is why she has stayed here! Mary Beth loves working the the infants because they need you the most. No matter how crazy it is in her room she is always calm when working with them because of her heart for her babies. She can’t think of another profession more rewarding that taking care of children. Her advice for expecting moms is, hospital “Be patient. Don’t work yourself up too much reading books or articles online and worrying. Every baby is different. Don’t compare your baby to other babies too much. Every child develops and grows at their own pace.” She says that she is a better person because of Calvary’s leadership, specifically Mrs. Wilma Thacker, our center’s founder. Mrs. Thacker showed her what a Godly woman was like through her patience, faith and the way she related to people from day to day. The most rewarding part of her career is the friendships and bonds she has made with her coworkers that have now spanned many years. She says this job has given her another family. Mary Beth’s favorite passage of scripture is the Beatitudes, Matthew 5-7.

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