June Teacher of the Month- Angelia Perry

The June 2017 Teacher of the Month is Mrs. Angelia Perry.  Angelia has worked in childcare for over 26 years and has worked for Calvary Early Learning Center for almost 13 years.  Angelia was chosen for this award due to her flexibility, her trustworthiness, her loyalty to Calvary and her ability to use Christlike leadership skills and critical thinking to problem solve for the center. Angelia has experience working with children ages 6 weeks to 2nd grade and is the CELC Center Assistant.  As the Center Assistant, Angelia helps with giving morning and lunch breaks to staff, ensures that center laundry is done correctly and efficiently, serves lunches to each center classrooms, and makes sure that all dishes are washed properly.  Angelia also manages the break schedules for ELC staff.  The Director and Assistant Director heavily rely on her for assistance with day-to-day center operations in their absences.  Angelia’s daughter, Angel Wesley, is the Head Cook for the Calvary Day School kitchen, and Angelia’s daughter, Treva, in addition to 5 of her grandchildren graduated from the CELC program.  Angelia’s ability to wear “many hats” on the job, her commitment to Calvary, in addition to her Christlike attitude and reliability make her one of Calvary’s vital assets.  Angelia’s love for young children is evident to all who know her and we are thankful for all of her contributions to CELC.

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