Ashley was chosen for this due to her respect for authority, her positive attitude when interacting with colleagues, thumb  parents and children, her flexibility on the job, as well as her hard work ethic. Her room is always clean and sanitized, her appearance is always professional and put together, and her creativity and love for children is evident in her classroom. Whether her class has 16 children or 8 children, she is always doing crafts and activities with them that are unique, innovative and age appropriate. Her classroom door and room entrance are always decorated seasonally with lots of activities to show off to parents. She keeps her paperwork organized and did well on classroom observations over the past few months with our GA PITC consultant. She always is careful and intentional that her speech and behavior is appropriate and fitting for a childcare provider at a Christian center. It is evident she accurately utilizes Georgia Early Learning Development Standards in her lesson plans, and was ultimately given this award due to her humility and willingness to work with parents and her colleagues in order to solve problems and best alleviate concerns. Calvary is blessed to have her on our team.


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